Bowling – Hall of Fame

3rd Church Anniversary Celebration (4-Mar-2018)

I wasn’t sure of the strength of the Scuglia family but looks like I created an unbeatable team on lane 8. I will take note for next year… An honourable mention goes to Gershon Yuseco (149) who threw his final frame in the name of fun. Pas graciously passed his prize on to him recognising that Gershon would easily have scored the additional 2 pins required to take the title.

Highest Single Game ScoreĀ – 150
Pas Scuglia (150)

Double Game Winning Team – 1334
Peter Kassiotes, Pas Scuglia, Gershon Yuseco, Christine Yuseco, Helena Scuglia, Daniella Scuglia

Click here to download the score sheets


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