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Topics Dating Singles Should Discuss Before Committing to Marriage

This list is not exhaustive but is intended to give you some ideas on things to bring up and discuss so your marriage will get off to the best start. You should also talk about anything else that you feel hesitant to talk about that I do not have on this list. It’s best that everything is discussed prior to marriage than for it to be a cause of contention after marriage.

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Beliefs & Convictions

  • Biblical authority
  • Bible version
  • Commitment to open, honest and continuing communication
  • Convictions on marriage and divorce
  • Acceptable dress standards
  • All other religious beliefs and convictions

Personal History

  • Past relationships
  • Childhood upbringing
  • Interests
  • Struggles
  • Health issues
  • Pet peeves

Wedding Celebration

  • Vows
  • Music
  • Dress
  • Rings
  • Location
  • Food
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Family involvement
  • Number of guests

Expectations & Obligations

  • Expectations of each other as husband and wife
  • Women to keep the home and submit
  • Men to provide and be the leader
  • Decision making process
  • Conflict resolution
  • Food choices

Raising Children

  • Parenting methods
  • Discipline and chastisement
  • Schooling methods
  • Number of children to have
  • Spacing between children
  • How to choose names for your children
  • Medical decisions to be made for your family
  • Baby-sitting of children

Future Plans

  • Church to attend
  • Where to live
  • Career goals
  • Size of house to live in
  • Buy vs renting a home
  • Family obligations and special events
  • How to spend public holidays
  • Existing friendships
  • How to manage finances
  • Social media accounts
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Updated on 11 Apr 2020

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