Is believing the bible as the Word of God an unreasonable position of faith? Have you considered the alternatives if the bible were not true? Most people think there are “hundreds” or “thousands” of beliefs out there. That’s true, but they all can be categorised into one of the following groups and be easily dismissed as irrational.

There is No God (Athiesm)

What if I were to tell you that a car had no creator. That there was a unexplainable explosion in a metal factory and after millions of years of mindless, random, chance processes, it slowly created itself. You would call me “irrational” and “illogical” because the scenario is impossible. How then, can a single living cell, which is many times more complex than a car, not have a Creator?

Truth is Relative (Relativism)

This is intellectual suicide. Things that are different are not the same. There are also other religions that also claim to be exclusively true with contradictory positions. Our inherent sense of justice demands that morality be absolute. Is God an author of confusion and deception?

Religions Related to the Bible

Islam, Mormonism and Judaism claim to be rooted in biblical history but deny its purity. If I am deciding whether to believe an account of Jesus’ life, would I trust the writings of one person hundreds of years after the event occurred over the eyewitness testimonies of those that walked and talked with him (ie. the gospels)?

No One Knows the Truth (Agnosticism)

Jesus Christ’s claims about himself means that he can not be just a good and moral teacher. He is either a raving lunatic or God in the flesh. What will you believe him to be?

No other religious leader in history claimed to be God himself in the flesh. Nor did their followers and enemies at the time risk their lives claiming to have saw him again after he was claimed to have risen from the dead after a public execution. The only reasonable explanation of the facts is that Jesus was truly who he claimed to be and therefore we need to take heed to what he taught about himself.

So how can you be 100% sure you are saved from hell?

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