Throughout the year we have regular social events and for members to have some fun together and build stronger bonds. There are activities organised for all members and ones targeted at specific demographics. 

8 Jul 2023Women's FellowshipEscape RoomMacarthur - 3:00pmChristina
12 Aug 2023Christian FellowshipHijinx HotelAlexandria - 9:30pmKaterina
25 Aug 2023Kids Bible Club EventTurbo ClimbPrestons - 8:30pmChristine
14 Oct 2023Christian FellowshipTable TennisMount Pritchard - 7:00pmKaterina
28 Oct 2023Men's FellowshipPaintballAppin - 3:00pmNathan
24 Nov 2023Kids Bible Club EventTBC - 8:30pmChristine
20 Jan 2024Women's FellowshipTBC - 3:00pmChristina
23 Feb 2024Kids Bible Club EventNinja Playground - 8:30pmChristine
3 Mar 2024Church 9th AnniversaryFamily PhotosMoorebank - 1:30pmVictor
26 Apr 2024Men's FellowshipTBC - 3:00pmNathan
24 May 2024Kids Bible Club EventTBC - 8:30pmChristine
14 Jun 2024Ten Pin BowlingZone BowlingLiverpool - 9:00pmVictor
23 Aug 2024Kids Bible Club EventTBC - 8:30pmChristine
22 Nov 2024Kids Bible Club EventTBC - 8:30pmChristine

Ten Pin Bowling Winners

At our annual ten pin bowling event we all have a great time and there’s also some friendly competition organised with prizes up for grabs. Winners will have their names immortalised on this page.

1 Jul 2023Zone Bowling Liverpool152 - Gerson Yuseco127 - Kayla Martincich93 - Luke Martincich82 - Matea Bruce
3 Aug 2019Zone Bowling Revesby280 - Victor Tey (183 + 97)148 - Elizabeth Tey (79 + 79)103 - Atticus Yuseco93 - Matea Bruce1,213 - Nathan Martincich, Kayla Martincich, Lewis Scott, Stephanie Scuglia, Christina Solomon, Victor Tey, Christine Yuseco
4 Mar 2018AMF Bowling Revesby150 - Pasquale Scuglia1,334 - Peter Kassiotes, Pasquale Scuglia, Helena Scuglia, Daniella Scuglia, Gershon Yuseco, Christine Yuseco