Throughout the year we have regular church events and social activities for the church to have some fun together. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other and build stronger bonds within the church.

Upcoming Events

9 Sep – Fri 6-10pm – Christian Fellowship
15 Oct – Sat 5-9pm – Christian Fellowship
28 Oct – Fri 6-10pm – Men’s Fellowship
12 Nov – Sat 5-9pm – Christian Fellowship
25 Nov – Fri 4:30-8:30pm – Kids Bible Club Event
3 Dec – Sat 9am-3pm – Family Picnic

21 Jan – Sat 9am-3pm – Women’s Fellowship
24 Feb – Fri 6-10pm – Kids Bible Club Event
5 Mar – Sun 9am-3pm – Anniversary Sunday
22 Apr – Sat 9am-3pm – Men’s Fellowship
26 May – Fri 6-10pm – Kids Bible Club Event
24 Jun – Sat 9am-3pm – Ten Pin Bowling
29 Jul – Sat 9am-3pm – Women’s Fellowship
25 Aug – Fri 6-10pm – Kids Bible Club Event
27 Oct – Fri 6-10pm – Men’s Fellowship
24 Nov – Fri 6-10pm – Kids Bible Club Event
2 Dec – Sat 9am-3pm Family Picnic

23 Feb – Fri 6-10pm – Kids Bible Club Event

Anniversary Sunday

On the first Sunday of March each year, we have a special Sunday gathering. On top of the regular schedule, we recognise our most outstanding members, have a potluck for lunch and take family photos.


Kids Bible Club Events

These events are held every 3 months and are for the children who participate in our Kids Bible Club sessions every Sunday at 9:00am. At these events we do something fun and exciting for the kids. We also recognise their achievements in bible memorisation and hand out the rewards they have earned.


Family Picnic

Once a year we have a picnic together as a whole church so every member can spend some time with one another and our children can play together. This is normally held at a public park that has good playground facilities.

Fellowship Events

These events are for members of similar demographic to do something fun together and build stronger relationships within the church. We have separate events for men, women and young adults.

Ten Pin Bowling

3rd August 2019

Ashton organised a great event and split us into an Orange and a Purple team. The Orange team won with a narrow margin of just 4 pins! The Tey family was too good for the church, taking out both the mens and ladies highest scores.

Highest Double Game Score Mens – 280
Victor Tey (183 + 97)

Highest Double Game Score Ladies – 148
Elizabeth Tey (79 + 79)

Highest Single Game Score Boys – 103
Atticus Yuseco

Highest Single Game Score Girls – 93
Matea Bruce

Double Game Winning Team – 1,213
ORANGE: Victor Tey, Lewis Scott, Nathan Martincich, Kayla Martincich, Stephanie Scuglia, Christina Solomon, Christine Yuseco


4th March 2018

I wasn’t sure of the strength of the Scuglia family but looks like I created an unbeatable team on lane 8 pairing them up with the Yuseco family. An honourable mention goes to Gershon Yuseco (149) who threw his final frame in the name of fun. Pas graciously passed his prize on to him recognising that Gershon would easily have scored the additional 2 pins required to take the title.

Highest Single Game Score – 150
Pascuale Scuglia

Double Game Winning Team – 1,334
Peter Kassiotes, Pas Scuglia, Gershon Yuseco, Christine Yuseco, Helena Scuglia, Daniella Scuglia