Throughout the year we have regular church events and social activities for the church to have some fun together. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other and build stronger bonds within the church.

RSVP on Team App

All our church events are managed using a web and mobile application called, Team App. Click the link below, create an account and join our group by searching “The Church in Liverpool”.

RSVP’ing for all church events church events really helps the organisers get an estimate of numbers. Especially for things like the church lunch where the food is catered.

TCiP on Team App


On the Sunday that falls after our church anniversary on 1 March, we have a special Sunday gathering. On top of the regular schedule we have a video presentation with photos from the previous year. We also ask the members to bring their best dish to share with the church.


Either on Easter Friday or Monday we have a spit roast at the house with board games.

Ten Pin Bowling

Highest scores and the winning team will be recorded on this page.

3rd Church Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, 4th March 2018

I wasn’t sure of the strength of the Scuglia family but looks like I created an unbeatable team on lane 8. I will take note for next year… An honourable mention goes to Gershon Yuseco (149) who threw his final frame in the name of fun. Pas graciously passed his prize on to him recognising that Gershon would easily have scored the additional 2 pins required to take the title.

Highest Single Game Score – 150
Pascuale Scuglia (150)

Double Game Winning Team – 1334
Peter Kassiotes, Pas Scuglia, Gershon Yuseco, Christine Yuseco, Helena Scuglia, Daniella Scuglia



Coming soon…

Camping Trip

Coming soon…

Baptism Location

The pin on the map is exactly where we meet within the national park area.

The entrance to the national park is at the intersection of Henry Lawson Drive and The River Road. This is what the entrance looks like from the main road. On some days there may be someone at the boom gate entrance collecting a park fee which is $8 per vehicle.

Once you pass the boom gate, take a right at the fork and follow the road all the way to the end.

If there was no one at the gate collecting fees, be sure to stop at the machine to purchase a ticket for your car to display on the dash.

As you drive along the road you will pass a large shelter and a white amenities block. Keep going…

Then you will pass another large brown amenities block. Keep going…

You will then pass a large open area, keep going.

Eventually you’ll hit another gate. Drive through the gate and around the bend.

As you drive around the bend, you’ll see another beach over the edge on your left. That’s where we want to be.

We’ll be set up somewhere under the shade of the trees. Just park anywhere along the side of the road.