Ephesians 2Victor TeySermonExpository25 Sep 2022
Ephesians 1Victor TeySermonExpository18 Sep 2022
Door-to-Door Soul WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning11 Sep 2022
Biblical ManlinessVictor TeySermonFamily4 Sep 2022
Read the BibleVictor TeySermonBible28 Aug 2022
James 5Victor TeySermonExpository21 Aug 2022
James 4Victor TeySermonExpository14 Aug 2022
James 3Victor TeySermonExpository7 Aug 2022
James 2Victor TeySermonExpository31 Jul 2022
James 1Victor TeySermonExpository24 Jul 2022
That Ye Bear Much FruitVictor TeySermonGood Works17 Jul 2022
Running the Christian RaceGershon YusecoSermonGood Works3 Jul 2022
God Loveth a Cheerful GiverVictor TeySermonGiving26 Jun 2022
The New EarthVictor TeySermonHeaven19 Jun 2022
Why We Must Preach the GospelVictor TeySermonSoul Winning12 Jun 2022
The Importance of ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch5 Jun 2022
How To Stay PositiveVictor TeySermonGood Works22 May 2022
A Biblical View of HellVictor TeySermonHell15 May 2022
God's Will for a WomanVictor TeySermonFamily8 May 2022
Spirit, Soul & BodyVictor TeySermonSalvation1 May 2022
That Ye Love One AnotherVictor TeySermonGood Works24 Apr 2022
The Error of Good FridayVictor TeySermonJesus Christ17 Apr 2022
Setting the Right PrioritiesVictor TeySermonGood Works10 Apr 2022
Be A ServantVictor TeySermonGood Works3 Apr 2022
The Rich Young RulerVictor TeySermonSalvation27 Mar 2022
Conflict ResolutionVictor TeySermonSins20 Mar 2022
The Greatest Man Who Ever LivedVictor TeySermonSoul Winning13 Mar 2022
Fight the Good FightVictor TeySermonGood Works6 Mar 2022
The Perfect Word of GodVictor TeySermonBible27 Feb 2022
Modest ClothingVictor TeySermonAppearance20 Feb 2022
Reprobate and Beyond SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation13 Feb 2022
How to Handle a StormVictor TeySermonSuffering6 Feb 2022
Water Baptism (Incomplete)Victor TeySermonBaptism30 Jan 2022
The Gift of TonguesVictor TeySermonHoly Spirit23 Jan 2022
Laying On of HandsVictor TeySermonHoly Spirit9 Jan 2022
Be a Wise BuilderVictor TeySermonGood Works2 Jan 2022
Now is the Accepted TimeVictor TeySermonGood Works26 Dec 2021
The Armour of GodVictor TeySermonExpository19 Dec 2021
The Mark of the BeastVictor TeySermonEnd Times12 Dec 2021
Healthy Spiritual GrowthVictor TeySermonGood Works5 Dec 2021
The Heresy of Works SalvationVictor TeySermonHeresies28 Nov 2021
Salvation By GraceVictor TeySermonSalvation21 Nov 2021
Bezaleel's God-Given TalentsVictor TeySermonGood Works14 Nov 2021
Principles of CommunicationVictor TeySermonCommunication7 Nov 2021
The Cycle of OppressionVictor TeySermonGovernment31 Oct 2021
Eternal Security of the BelieverVictor TeySermonSalvation24 Oct 2021
Victory in the ResurrectionVictor TeySermonJesus Christ17 Oct 2021
The Woman Caught in AdulteryVictor TeySermonGovernment10 Oct 2021
The Temptation of Jesus ChristVictor TeySermonSins3 Oct 2021
Nurture and AdmonitionVictor TeySermonFamily26 Sep 2021
The Roles of Husband and WifeVictor TeySermonFamily19 Sep 2021
Lessons from King SolomonVictor TeySermonMoney12 Sep 2021
Comforting Truths in Hard TimesVictor TeySermonSuffering5 Sep 2021
Forbearance vs ForgivenessVictor TeySermonGood Works29 Aug 2021
When to Disobey the GovernmentVictor TeySermonGovernment22 Aug 2021
Convictions of the ConscienceVictor TeySermonConvictions15 Aug 2021
Made Perfect Through SufferingsVictor TeySermonSuffering8 Aug 2021
The Power of ConsistencyVictor TeySermonGood Works1 Aug 2021
Spiritual Salt and LightVictor TeySermonGood Works11 Jul 2021
Dare to Be a DanielVictor TeySermonExpository4 Jul 2021
Lessons from GideonVictor TeySermonExpository27 Jun 2021
Reasons Christians Quit ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch20 Jun 2021
Jesus Christ is GodVictor TeySermonJesus Christ13 Jun 2021
Tithing vs GivingVictor TeySermonMoney6 Jun 2021
Blessings and CursingsVictor TeySermonGod30 May 2021
Our Final AuthorityVictor TeySermonBible23 May 2021
End Times EventsVictor TeySermonEnd Times16 May 2021
The Proverbs 31 WomanVictor TeySermonGood Works9 May 2021
The Love of ChristVictor TeySermonJesus Christ2 May 2021
Under the Hood of The TrinityVictor TeySermonGod25 Apr 2021
Why We Go Soul-WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning18 Apr 2021
Pray Without CeasingVictor TeySermonPrayer11 Apr 2021
Jesus Christ in HellVictor TeySermonJesus Christ6 Apr 2021
The Slothful SluggardVictor TeySermonSins28 Mar 2021
Lessons From Naaman the LeperVictor TeySermonExpository21 Mar 2021
Lessons From The Book of JonahVictor TeySermonExpository14 Mar 2021
How to Be a Blessing to Your ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch7 Mar 2021
The Works of the FleshVictor TeySermonSins28 Feb 2021
The Fruit of the SpiritVictor TeySermonGood Works21 Feb 2021
The False Doctrines of Calvinism (TULIP)Victor TeySermonSalvation14 Feb 2021
Praise the Lord in SongVictor TeySermonMusic7 Feb 2021
The Unfruitful ChristianVictor TeySermonSins31 Jan 2021
Trials and TribulationsVictor TeySermonSuffering24 Jan 2021
The Truth About RepentanceVictor TeySermonSalvation17 Jan 2021
The Truth About LoveVictor TeySermonGood Works10 Jan 2021
Principles for the New YearVictor TeySermonGood Works3 Jan 2021
Debunking Common Objections to ChristmasVictor TeySermonTraditions20 Dec 2020
The Book of EstherVictor TeySermonExpository13 Dec 2020
What Happens After SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation6 Dec 2020
Serving Your Way to GreatnessVictor TeySermonGood Works29 Nov 2020
Things to Be Thankful ForVictor TeySermonGood Works22 Nov 2020
How to Grow SpirituallyVictor TeySermonGood Works15 Nov 2020
The Truth About Satan (3 of 3)Victor TeySermonSatan8 Nov 2020
The Truth About Satan (2 of 3)Victor TeySermonSatan1 Nov 2020
The Truth About Satan (1 of 3)Victor TeySermonSatan26 Oct 2020
Leadership in the Local ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch Authority18 Oct 2020
Beware of Works SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation11 Oct 2020
How to Know You Are SavedVictor TeySermonSalvation4 Oct 2020
Be A Wise MasterbuilderVictor TeySermonSoul Winning27 Sep 2020
What a Church Should BeVictor TeySermonChurch20 Sep 2020
How to Talk and ListenVictor TeySermonGood Works13 Sep 2020
Shew Thyself a ManVictor TeySermonGood Works6 Sep 2020
Be An Effective SoldierVictor TeySermonGood Works30 Aug 2020
How to Explain the Plan of SalvationVictor TeySermonSoul Winning23 Aug 2020
Once Saved Always SavedVictor TeySermonSalvation16 Aug 2020
Faith Without Works is SAVEDVictor TeySermonSalvation9 Aug 2020
How to Have an Obedient WifeVictor TeySermonFamily2 Aug 2020
Defending The Death PenaltyVictor TeySermonGovernment26 Jul 2020
The Great CommissionVictor TeySermonSoul Winning19 Jul 2020
The Sabbath DayVictor TeySermonChurch12 Jul 2020
The Naked TruthVictor TeySermonAppearance5 Jul 2020
Principles on FriendshipVictor TeySermonChurch28 Jun 2020
Euthanasia & Assisted SuicideVictor TeySermonPolitics14 Jul 2020
Racism in Light of the BibleVictor TeySermonGovernment7 Jun 2020
Healing The Sick of The PalsyVictor TeySermonSalvation31 May 2020
Stepping Out in FaithVictor TeySermonGood Works24 May 2020
The Love of GodLewis ScottSermonChurch24 May 2020
Subject Unto the Higher PowersVictor TeySermonGovernment17 May 2020
The Sin of IdolatryVictor TeyLive StreamSins3 May 2020
The Sin of Usury (Interest)Victor TeyLive StreamSins26 Apr 2020
End Times ScamdemicVictor TeyLive StreamEnd Times19 Apr 2020
Resurrection RemindersVictor TeyLive StreamJesus Christ12 Apr 2020
How to Be Salt and LightVictor TeyLive StreamGood Works5 Apr 2020
Tyler Baker - Is It a Sin to Drink Alcohol?Victor TeyLive StreamAlcohol4 Apr 2020
Problems with Australia's GovernmentVictor TeyLive StreamGovernment29 Mar 2020
The Coronavirus "Pandemic"Victor TeySermonGovernment22 Mar 2020
Wine in The BibleVictor TeySermonAlcohol15 Mar 2020
How to Love One AnotherVictor TeySermonChurch8 Mar 2020
5th Anniversary VideoVictor TeyEventChurch8 Mar 2020
Half In Half OutVictor TeySermonSins1 Mar 2020
Giving to Your Local ChurchVictor TeySermonGiving23 Feb 2020
The Truth About SinVictor TeySermonSins17 Feb 2020
The Truth About HeavenVictor TeySermonHeaven9 Feb 2020
The Truth About HellVictor TeySermonHell2 Feb 2020
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism1 Feb 2020
By Grace Through FaithVictor TeySermonSalvation26 Jan 2020
Consider One AnotherVictor TeySermonChurch19 Jan 2020
Singing to the LordVictor TeySermonMusic12 Jan 2020
Pulling Them Out of the FireVictor TeySermonSoul Winning5 Jan 2020
What is Your Life?Victor TeySermonGood Works29 Dec 2019
Christmas Traditions (Are They Pagan?)Victor TeySermonTraditions22 Dec 2019
Glorify God in Your BodyVictor TeySermonHealth15 Dec 2019
Commandments vs ConvictionsVictor TeySermonConvictions8 Dec 2019
Christian Dating PrinciplesVictor TeySermonMarriage1 Dec 2019
Chastened of the LordVictor TeySermonGod24 Nov 2019
The Sin of FornicationVictor TeySermonSins17 Nov 2019
Spiritual GrowthVictor TeySermonGood Works10 Nov 2019
Timeline of End TimesVictor TeySermonEnd Times3 Nov 2019
John the BaptistVictor TeySermonGood Works27 Oct 2019
Feeding the Five ThousandVictor TeySermonSalvation20 Oct 2019
Having the Right PrioritiesVictor TeySermonGood Works13 Oct 2019
Love One AnotherVictor TeySermonChurch6 Oct 2019
Biblical Principles on MoneyVictor TeySermonMoney29 Sep 2019
Why I'm a ChristianVictor TeySermonSalvation22 Sep 2019
Lessons on BoldnessVictor TeySermonGood Works15 Sep 2019
Building a Godly DesireVictor TeySermonGood Works8 Sep 2019
Tips to Improve Your Song Leading at ChurchVictor TeyOther MediaMusic4 Sep 2019
Attributes of a Godly FatherVictor TeySermonGood Works1 Sep 2019
Be in ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch25 Aug 2019
Pants and SkirtsVictor TeySermonAppearance18 Aug 2019
Rondy Marji - Is Obedience Required for Salvation?Victor TeyLive StreamSalvation17 Aug 2019
Do Unborn Babies Have Human Rights in Australia?Victor TeyOther MediaPolitics15 Aug 2019
Abortion is MurderVictor TeySermonSins11 Aug 2019
Why We Home-SchoolVictor TeySermonFamily4 Aug 2019
Tips for a Godly MarriageVictor TeySermonFamily28 Jul 2019
How to Behave ThyselfVictor TeySermonGood Works21 Jul 2019
Godly CommunicationVictor TeySermonChurch14 Jul 2019
Reading The BibleVictor TeySermonBible7 Jul 2019
Kyle Barnes - Church Leadership & GovernmentVictor TeyLive StreamChurch6 Jul 2019
Israel Folau in Light of The BibleVictor TeySermonGovernment30 Jun 2019
Training Your ChildrenVictor TeySermonFamily23 Jun 2019
The Evidence of SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation16 Jun 2019
3 Reasons to Go Soul WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning9 Jun 2019
Domonique Davis - Life Before, During & After FWBCVictor TeyLive StreamInterview8 Jun 2019
All Thy Heart, Soul, Mind & StrengthVictor TeySermonGood Works2 Jun 2019
Why God Allows SufferingVictor TeySermonSuffering26 May 2019
How To Stay PositiveVictor TeySermonSuffering19 May 2019
Attributes of a Godly MotherVictor TeySermonFamily12 May 2019
3 Important Things To Know About Australian ElectionsVictor TeyOther MediaPolitics10 May 2019
The Book of LifeVictor TeySermonSalvation5 May 2019
Hebrews 12 & 13Victor TeySermonExpository28 Apr 2019
The Resurrection of Christ (Easter)Victor TeySermonJesus Christ21 Apr 2019
Hebrews 11Victor TeySermonExpository14 Apr 2019
Tyler Baker - Life Before, During & After FWBCVictor TeyLive StreamInterview13 Apr 2019
Hebrews 10Victor TeySermonExpository7 Apr 2019
Hebrews 7, 8 & 9Victor TeySermonExpository31 Mar 2019
Hebrews 4, 5 & 6Victor TeySermonExpository24 Mar 2019
Hebrews 1, 2 & 3Victor TeyLive StreamExpository23 Mar 2019
James Ledwick - Is Once Saved Always Saved a Biblical Doctrine?Victor TeyLive StreamSalvation16 Mar 2019
Fruits Meet for RepentanceVictor TeySermonSalvation10 Mar 2019
Ye Are The BodyVictor TeySermonChurch3 Mar 2019
Once Saved Always SavedVictor TeySermonSalvation24 Feb 2019
The Stages of Spiritual LifeVictor TeySermonSalvation17 Feb 2019
How to Dress ModestlyVictor TeySermonAppearance10 Feb 2019
The Sonship of Jesus ChristVictor TeySermonJesus Christ3 Feb 2019
The Heresy of Works SalvationVictor TeySermonHeresies27 Jan 2019
The Secret to Serving JesusVictor TeySermonGood Works20 Jan 2019
The Importance of ChurchVictor TeySermonChurch13 Jan 2019
The Purpose of LifeVictor TeySermonGood Works6 Jan 2019
Teach Your Children The TruthVictor TeySermonFamily23 Dec 2018
Repentance in the BibleVictor TeySermonSalvation16 Dec 2018
Leading Your HomeVictor TeySermonFamily9 Dec 2018
Consider Your Ways (Haggai 1) [INCOMPLETE]Victor TeySermonGood Works2 Dec 2018
The Sin of LazinessVictor TeySermonSins25 Nov 2018
Speaking with TonguesVictor TeySermonFalse Religions18 Nov 2018
Are You Growing?Victor TeySermonGood Works11 Nov 2018
2 Kings 10 (The Zeal of Jehu Son of Nimshi)Victor TeySermonExpository4 Nov 2018
2 Kings 9 (Jehu Slays Jezebel & Ahab's House)Victor TeySermonExpository28 Oct 2018
Matthew 2Victor TeySermonExpository26 Oct 2018
1 Kings 21-22 (Naboth the Jezreelite)Victor TeySermonExpository21 Oct 2018
Jude 1:11-25Victor TeySermonExpository14 Oct 2018
Jude 1:1-10Victor TeySermonExpository7 Oct 2018
1 Kings 18 Elijah and The Prophets of BaalVictor TeySermonExpository30 Sep 2018
The Importance of Good FriendsVictor TeySermonGood Works23 Sep 2018
Keeping God FirstVictor TeySermonGood Works16 Sep 2018
Biblical Advice for Spanking ChildrenVictor TeySermonFamily9 Sep 2018
Laying On of HandsVictor TeySermonHoly Spirit2 Sep 2018
Matthew 1:18-25Victor TeySermonExpository31 Aug 2018
Are Ye Able?Victor TeySermonGood Works26 Aug 2018
The TongueNathan MartincichSermonGood Works19 Aug 2018
There is No Difference (For the Jews Require a Sign)Anthony GriffenSermonProphecy12 Aug 2018
The Sin of PrideVictor TeySermonSins29 Jul 2018
Babes in ChristVictor TeySermonSins22 Jul 2018
Afshin Yaghtin - The TrinityVictor TeyLive StreamGod21 Jul 2018
Matthew 1:1-17Victor TeySermonExpository20 Jul 2018
THE Everlasting FatherVictor TeySermonJesus Christ15 Jul 2018
7 Truths About HellVictor TeySermonHell8 Jul 2018
The Bishop's WifeVictor TeySermonChurch Authority1 Jul 2018
Giving Thanks AlwaysVictor TeySermonGood Works24 Jun 2018
How Christians Should Behave on Social MediaVictor TeySermonGood Works24 Jun 2018
3 Reasons To Go Soul WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning17 Jun 2018
Trinity ConfusionVictor TeySermonGod10 Jun 2018
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism9 Jun 2018
Basing Your Beliefs On The BibleVictor TeySermonBible3 Jun 2018
Comforting Truths in Hard TimesVictor TeySermonSuffering27 May 2018
Contraceptives and Family PlanningVictor TeySermonFamily20 May 2018
Heresies of The Catholic Church (Works Salvation)Nathan MartincichSermonHeresies20 May 2018
God's Will For A WomanVictor TeySermonMarriage13 May 2018
Improve Your MarriageVictor TeySermonMarriage6 May 2018
Read Your BibleVictor TeySermonBible29 Apr 2018
Defending "Jesus Only" BaptismVictor TeySermonBaptism22 Apr 2018
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism21 Apr 2018
Believer's Baptism SermonVictor TeySermonBaptism21 Apr 2018
Singing and Making MelodyVictor TeySermonMusic15 Apr 2018
Thou Shalt Beat Him With The RodVictor TeySermonFamily8 Apr 2018
Jesus Christ in HellVictor TeySermonHell1 Apr 2018
How to Know You Are Going to HeavenVictor TeyOther MediaSalvation29 Mar 2018
Zealous of Good WorksVictor TeySermonGood Works25 Mar 2018
The Religion of AtheismVictor TeySermonFalse Religions18 Mar 2018
Misunderstanding and MiscommunicationVictor TeySermonGood Works11 Mar 2018
The Parable of The SowerVictor TeySermonParables4 Mar 2018
3rd Anniversary SlideshowVictor TeyEventChurch4 Mar 2018
Prayer and FastingVictor TeySermonPrayer25 Feb 2018
Calling Upon The Name of The LordVictor TeySermonSalvation18 Feb 2018
This is LoveVictor TeySermonGood Works11 Feb 2018
Forsaking The AssemblyNathan MartincichSermonChurch4 Feb 2018
Know the State of Thy FlocksVictor TeySermonGiving28 Jan 2018
Giving to the Local ChurchVictor TeySermonGiving21 Jan 2018
The Law of TithingVictor TeySermonGiving14 Jan 2018
Preach the GospelAnthony GriffenSermonSoul Winning7 Jan 2018
The Day of DeathVictor TeySermonGood Works31 Dec 2017
The True Christmas StoryVictor TeySermonJesus Christ24 Dec 2017
An Alabaster BoxVictor TeySermonGiving10 Dec 2017
The Wise and Foolish BuildersVictor TeySermonParables3 Dec 2017
What I Have Learned About IslamVictor TeySermonFalse Religions26 Nov 2017
When the Majority is WrongVictor TeySermonGood Works19 Nov 2017
The Lie of Age AppropriatenessVictor TeySermonFamily12 Nov 2017
5 Ways to Explain Eternal SecurityVictor TeySermonSalvation5 Nov 2017
Satan 2Victor TeySermonSatan29 Oct 2017
Satan 1Victor TeySermonSatan22 Oct 2017
Alcohol, Wine and DrunkennessVictor TeySermonSins15 Oct 2017
Additional Misc Soul Winning TipsVictor TeySermonSoul Winning8 Oct 2017
The Church in Rome (Romans 16)Victor TeySermonChurch1 Oct 2017
The Problem with Same-Sex "Marriage"Victor TeySermonSins10 Sep 2017
OrdinationVictor TeySermonChurch Authority3 Sep 2017
Destroyed for Lack of KnowledgeVictor TeySermonBible27 Aug 2017
Ned Flanders "Christianity"Victor TeySermonGood Works20 Aug 2017
In The Name of Jesus ChristVictor TeySermonBaptism13 Aug 2017
There Are ThreeVictor TeySermonGod6 Aug 2017
3 Factors Affecting Your FightVictor TeySermonSins30 Jul 2017
Why Bad Things Happen 2 (Reasons)Victor TeySermonSuffering23 Jul 2017
Why Bad Things Happen 1 (Causes)Victor TeySermonSuffering16 Jul 2017
4 Traits of a Faithful ManVictor TeySermonFamily9 Jul 2017
These Three Are OneVictor TeySermonGod2 Jul 2017
Standing Up to BenhadadVictor TeySermonGood Works25 Jun 2017
Giving God Your BestVictor TeySermonGiving18 Jun 2017
The Evidence of SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation11 Jun 2017
Modest ApparelVictor TeySermonAppearance4 Jun 2017
Proverbs 31:13-31 (The Virtuous Woman 2)Victor TeySermonExpository28 May 2017
Proverbs 31:1-12 (The Virtuous Woman 1)Victor TeySermonExpository21 May 2017
Door to Door Soul WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning7 May 2017
Thou Shalt Deny Me ThriceVictor TeySermonContradictions30 Apr 2017
OT Blessing and Cursing vs NT Rewards and ChastisementVictor TeySermonGod23 Apr 2017
5 Types of Fruit in the BibleVictor TeySermonSalvation9 Apr 2017
Congregational SingingVictor TeySermonMusic2 Apr 2017
2 Samuel 11 (David & Bathsheba)Victor TeySermonExpository26 Mar 2017
UnityVictor TeySermonChurch19 Mar 2017
2nd Anniversary SlideshowVictor TeyEventChurch5 Mar 2017
Teamwork and RecognitionVictor TeySermonChurch5 Mar 2017
Taking a Wife, Marriage and DivorceVictor TeySermonMarriage26 Feb 2017
Unmarried Virgins, Vows and BetrothalVictor TeySermonMarriage19 Feb 2017
Teach Them Diligently Unto Thy ChildrenVictor TeySermonFamily5 Feb 2017
Challenging Jehovah's False WitnessesVictor TeySermonFalse Religions29 Jan 2017
Faith without Works is SavedVictor TeySermonSalvation22 Jan 2017
Principles for Serving JesusVictor TeySermonGood Works8 Jan 2017
Let Us Go On Unto PerfectionVictor TeySermonGood Works1 Jan 2017
Common Objections to ChristmasVictor TeySermonTraditions25 Dec 2016
Understanding Scriptures in Light of the New Testament 2Victor TeySermonSalvation30 Oct 2016
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism29 Oct 2016
Common Questions About Water BaptismVictor TeySermonBaptism29 Oct 2016
Understanding Scriptures in Light of the New Testament 1Victor TeySermonSalvation23 Oct 2016
Understanding Parables in Light of the New TestamentVictor TeySermonSalvation16 Oct 2016
Let Us Hear The ConclusionVictor TeySermonGood Works18 Sep 2016
Kent Hovind's Second Marriage Was AdulteryVictor TeySermonMarriage11 Sep 2016
Spanking Your Children 2Victor TeySermonFamily11 Sep 2016
Spanking Your Children 1Victor TeySermonFamily4 Sep 2016
The Angels That SinnedVictor TeySermonExpository28 Aug 2016
The Death Penalty 5Victor TeySermonGovernment7 Aug 2016
The Death Penalty 4Victor TeySermonGovernment31 Jul 2016
The Death Penalty 3Victor TeySermonGovernment24 Jul 2016
The Death Penalty 2Victor TeySermonGovernment17 Jul 2016
The Death Penalty 1Victor TeySermonGovernment10 Jul 2016
A Brief Explanation of Australian Politics and VotingVictor TeyOther MediaPolitics26 Jun 2016
The House Church Movement 3Victor TeySermonChurch26 Jun 2016
The House Church Movement 2Victor TeySermonChurch19 Jun 2016
The House Church Movement 1Victor TeySermonChurch12 Jun 2016
Contraceptives and Family Planning (Birth Control)Victor TeySermonFamily5 Jun 2016
The Reality of AbortionVictor TeySermonSins29 May 2016
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism22 May 2016
Pregnancy and Assisted Reproductive TechnologiesVictor TeySermonFamily15 May 2016
The Value of ChildrenVictor TeySermonFamily8 May 2016
Principles for Clothing 2Victor TeySermonAppearance1 May 2016
Principles for Clothing 1Victor TeySermonAppearance24 Apr 2016
Practical Soul Winning TipsVictor TeySermonSoul Winning10 Apr 2016
Nakedness and ShameVictor TeySermonAppearance3 Apr 2016
The Lord's SupperVictor TeySermonCommunion27 Mar 2016
The Parable of The Sower 2 (Thorns, Good Ground)Victor TeySermonParables13 Mar 2016
Church GoalsVictor TeySermonChurch6 Mar 2016
1st Anniversary SlideshowVictor TeyEventChurch6 Mar 2016
The Parable of the Sower 1 (Way Side, Stony Ground)Victor TeySermonParables28 Feb 2016
The Sacraments of Roman CatholicismAlexander WilsonSermonHeresies21 Feb 2016
MusicVictor TeySermonMusic14 Feb 2016
Musical InstrumentsVictor TeySermonMusic31 Jan 2016
The Bill of DivorcementVictor TeySermonMarriage24 Jan 2016
The Kingdom of Heaven is Like unto LeavenVictor TeySermonParables17 Jan 2016
CrownsVictor TeySermonGood Works3 Jan 2016
The Birth of Jesus ChristVictor TeySermonJesus Christ27 Dec 2015
Baptizing BelieversVictor TeyEventBaptism20 Dec 2015
Pounds and TalentsVictor TeySermonParables20 Dec 2015
Christmas TraditionsVictor TeySermonTraditions13 Dec 2015
Finding a Spouse 4Victor TeySermonMarriage22 Nov 2015
Finding a Spouse 3Victor TeySermonMarriage15 Nov 2015
Finding a Spouse 2Victor TeySermonMarriage8 Nov 2015
Finding a Spouse 1Victor TeySermonMarriage1 Nov 2015
The Soul That Has Never Heard The GospelVictor TeySermonSalvation25 Oct 2015
The Age of AccountabilityVictor TeySermonSalvation4 Oct 2015
Why All Babies Go To HeavenVictor TeySermonSalvation27 Sep 2015
Jesus Christ in HellVictor TeySermonHell20 Sep 2015
HellVictor TeySermonHell13 Sep 2015
Marriage Advice 3Victor TeySermonMarriage30 Aug 2015
Marriage Advice 2Victor TeySermonMarriage23 Aug 2015
Marriage Advice 1Victor TeySermonMarriage9 Aug 2015
Marriage 2Victor TeySermonMarriage2 Aug 2015
Marriage 1Victor TeySermonMarriage26 Jul 2015
SufferingVictor TeySermonSuffering12 Jul 2015
The Purpose of Church 2Victor TeySermonChurch6 Jul 2015
The Purpose of Church 1Victor TeySermonChurch28 Jun 2015
Church Authority 2Victor TeySermonChurch21 Jun 2015
Church Authority 1Victor TeySermonChurch14 Jun 2015
The Church vs The Body of ChristVictor TeySermonChurch31 May 2015
The Evidence of Salvation 2Victor TeySermonSalvation17 May 2015
The Evidence of Salvation 1Victor TeySermonSalvation10 May 2015
Assurance of SalvationVictor TeySermonSalvation3 May 2015
Baptism with Water 2Victor TeySermonBaptism26 Apr 2015
The Layout of our Gospel Tract and the Reasoning Behind ItVictor TeyOther MediaSoul Winning25 Apr 2015
Baptism with Water 1Victor TeySermonBaptism19 Apr 2015
Subtle Forms of Works SalvationVictor TeySermonHeresies12 Apr 2015
Breaking of BreadVictor TeySermonCommunion5 Apr 2015
My Thoughts on the Easter HolidaysVictor TeyOther MediaTraditions5 Apr 2015
The Church NameVictor TeySermonChurch5 Apr 2015
Saved By Grace Through FaithVictor TeySermonSalvation29 Mar 2015
The Word of GodVictor TeySermonBible22 Mar 2015
Soul Winning Tips [INCOMPLETE]Victor TeySermonSoul Winning15 Mar 2015
Soul WinningVictor TeySermonSoul Winning8 Mar 2015
A New BottleVictor TeySermonChurch1 Mar 2015