Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM is all about the kids. Kids Bible Club is our children’s ministry that is focussed on teaching our young ones the truths of God’s Word from cover to cover. Children learn the bible stories in a safe environment and participate in some fun games or a bible-based craft with their parents’ assistance.

Parent Supervision Required

This is not a “drop your child off for Sunday School” type of activity. Parents (or guardians) are expected to remain and be present at all times to help their children complete the activity organised for the day.

This also ensures that we maintain a safe environment for all the children where they are supervised by their guardians at all times.

Action Songs

It starts with an action songs. These are simple songs teaching biblical principles that go along with simple body actions. It is a really fun way for the children to praise God. They’ll likely be singing them at home during the week.

Bible Story Time

Next is a short bible-based story with the bishop. The goal right now is to tell select stories throughout the bible so that after a year, the children will have a broad knowledge of God’s word from cover to cover.


Crafts & Games

After the bible story, the children participate in a bible-based craft to create and take home with them that is related to the bible story.

On some weeks we organise some fun games for the kids to play to keep things interesting for them.

Snacks & Stickers

We finish off by rewarding the children with some snacks just before church.

If they’re lucky they may even get a sticker as a bonus!

KJV Children eBooks

Abraham Believes The LORD
The LORD Calls Abraham
The Covenant of The Promised Land
The Child Moses
The Red Sea Crossing
The Angel Visits Joseph
The Wise Men Seek Jesus
The Shepherds See Jesus
The Man Possessed with Devils
Heroes of The Faith