Photos from Bowling & Korean BBQ

We started the Saturday as we always do… with soulwinning. 6 soldiers of Christ were sent to battle,

  • 69 doors were knocked
  • 37 souls were reached
  • 4 had the gospel preached unto them and
  • 1 called upon the Lord

We had a great time of bowling at the AMF North Strathfield centre and were blessed that the staff on the day were happy to cater for our small group by pulling up the video screens and turning the music completely off. The music is often too loud and the videos are inappropriate. There were a few parties going on and there were so many families with young children that I don’t think any of the customers even noticed there wasn’t any music playing.

These centres are just a business that is catering to the demand of their customers but it would be great if there was always an option for groups who want to bowl with just the lighting, but without the music and videos.  So if you agree, send them your thoughts and feedback, but remember to “speak the truth in love” (Eph 4:15).

It was Michal’s first time bowling. After realising that a bowling ball should be rolled, as opposed to thrown, we were able to obtain photo proof that he was enjoying himself, contrary to prior opinion =].

We went for Korean BBQ afterward, although my family was the only ones who actually took the ‘BBQ’ part of Korean BBQ seriously. Our boys struggled to make it through to dinner and Timothy fell asleep whilst sitting at the table. Luckily he woke up near the end of the meal to eat before we headed home. When we got home we realised that Simon had worn his shoes on backwards the whole day.

The highest score went to Ashton at 156, but the highest total score at 295 (143 + 152) went to yours truly =]. Why did I choose not to organize prizes this time?


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