Easter Sunday 2015

Well, we made it to the end of the day in one piece… exhausted, but blessed.

As always I forgot to take photos in the morning, so the table of food is empty but you get the gist of it… I wanted a photo of the congregation because the room was getting full this Sunday. We pack 44 chairs into our living room for Sunday gatherings and we had 31 in the morning and 37 at night (including the 3 unborn children =]). 

Prayer, the word of God, singing, preaching, food, soulwinning, more food, breaking of bread and a movie… what better way to spend your Easter Sunday? We had it all and then some!

I originally planned to preach on the topic of Baptism to go with the theme of Easter, ie. the death, burial and resurrection. But one thing I wanted to address on that topic was the reasoning behind our church name and why I decided not to go with “Bible-Word Baptist Church” and instead go with “The Church in Punchbowl”. As I started to flesh out the points it grew into its own sermon. So I decided to preach it anyway since it was at the forefront of my mind that week.

Click here to watch the sermon and see the outline.

We bought a 3m x 6m gazebo which has now tripled our shaded area outside. You can see Simon, being the cheeky monkey he is, caught in the act! I love our rectangular backyard because it means the kids can use it as a miniature soccer field. Although the balls I’ve been buying have only been lasting one Sunday…

The night was a bit more hectic but we learned what worked and what didn’t for large dinners. I was really excited to teach on breaking of bread and do it for the first time as a church. There are a lot of misconceptions about the breaking of bread and it has been something I have wanted to change and educate believers about for a long time.

I had told the church something special was happening that night, although no one even remotely suspected that we were going to break bread. Kevin almost made me give it away when he asked me about the topic before dinner. The conversation went a bit like this:

Kevin: So what are your thoughts on the Lord’s Supper?
Victor: Yeah, I’ve got some thoughts on it…
Kevin: A lot of churches use Easter as a time to do it.
Victor: Yes… they do don’t they… I’m going to be teaching on it soon. How do you think it should be done?
Kevin: If you’re teaching on it soon then I’ll wait and then let you know.

Little did he know I had already planned to teach on it that night! =]

Click here to watch the sermon and see how we broke bread as a church.

The night ended with a pre-screening of Paul Wittenberger’s new documentary, Marching to Zion. Which I plan to review more in-depth in the coming days.

It was a long but enjoyable day. Here are some photos!


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