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TCIP Futsal Team

Recently, a group of us in the church decided to join a futsal competition for a bit of fellowship, fun and exercise. We originally wanted to join the Just Futsal competition in Bankstown but we had already missed the boat so the next closest (to me) was Futsal Institute in Wetherill Park.

Last Monday we had our first game of the season where we played the winners of the last season. Needless to say we had the odds stacked against us and it wasn’t even their most elite players all playing. There’s still much room for improvement for us as a team (I speak mainly for myself =]), nevertheless we had fun and scored some goals. This photo was taken just shortly after we played that night.

In case you’re wondering, no, my wife didn’t play futsal in a long white skirt. I’m not against women wearing shorts, but that is another topic for another day (stay tuned for the sermon coming soon). She didn’t play that night, but just put on her jersey for the team photo. She plans on playing only every now and then and when she does I won’t be playing so I can look after the children.

I’m glad the team was happy to go with a green team jersey. It’s my favourite colour and I really couldn’t see myself being happy wearing any other colour =]. Now that I look the part, I need to focus on actually improving my effectiveness on the court…

We plan on recording our games to help with post-game analysis. We want to have fun, but it’s also fun to do your best, improve to your full potential and have a chance at winning. They’ll be uploaded to the church YouTube channel for those interested in seeing our progress through the season =].

Click here to go to the church YouTube channel

So if you have nothing to do on a Monday night and want to support us or just hang out, come along and cheer us on!

Click here to view the Monday night mixed fixtures on the Futsal Institute website



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