Photos, Oral Health Info and Links from the "Fluoride: Poison on Tap" Movie Night

I only remembered to snap a few… (gentle reminder to our church members to take some snaps if you see the camera lying around =]). Here are some of the highlights.

DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor the church are affiliated financially with the businesses mentioned in this post. They are simply businesses I have bought from in the past and have been happy with the products and/or services they provide.

Grass-fed vs Grass-finished Beef

“Grain finishing or feedlotting, changes the omega 6 and 3 ratio from the ideal of 3:1, to the unhealthy range of 24:1 Grass fed beef has the same healthy ratio of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as found in fish!! Grain fed beef’s fats are not good for you, and this change happens after only one week on grain!”

“In short when most Australians buy beef, they are buying chemically and drug enhanced meat that is unbalanced and possibly bad for their long-term health and well being.”

“How do you tell the difference between grass and grain fed beef? The easiest way is the colour of the fat. Grain fed beef’s fat is usually white, and this looks ‘good’ with the artificial lighting in supermarket displays. Grass fed beef’s fat is various shades of creamy yellow, and this is the result of the beta carotene content of the grass they ate.”


The scotch roast we ate on the night and the mince we buy for church for our hamburgers comes from Grass Roots Urban Butchery in Vaucluse, NSW. I like this butcher because they only supply grass-finished beef. They sell grass-finished mince for $11/kg if you buy 5kg at a time. Plus, orders over $300 have free shipping so it works out well for our church since we go through a lot of it.

If you’re a member of our church, feel free to take some mince from the church freezer (if we have spare) and just put your money in the donations box. Just let me know what you take so I know if I need to replenish to cover Sunday lunches.


The Importance of Diet in Regards to Oral Health

“When Dr. Price analyzed his findings, he found that the native diets contained 10 times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins, and at least four times the amount of calcium, other minerals, and water-soluble vitamins as that of Western diets at that time. Their diets were also rich in enzymes because they ate fermented and raw foods (enzymes help you to digest cooked foods).

The native diets also had at least 10 times more omega-3 fat than modern diets and FAR less omega-6 fats. And as some of you may know, a diet that is lacking in omega-3 fats, and heavy on omega-6 fats from vegetable oils (which are consumed so heavily today) is a recipe for disaster.

So, if you want to eat your way to healthy teeth, taking a lesson from these previous native generations is essential. You should:

  • Find out your nutritional type, and eat accordingly. This will tell you which foods are ideal for your unique biochemistry.
  • Eat at least one-third of your food raw.
  • Avoid processed foods, sugar, refined flour and all artificial flavorings, colorings, and artificial sweeteners. Instead, seek out locally grown foods that are in-season.
  • Enjoy fermented foods like natto, kefir and cultured veggies.
  • Make sure you eat enough healthy fats, including those from animal sources like omega-3 fat, and reduce your intake of omega-6 from vegetable oils.

All of the brushing and flossing in the world will not give you the healthy teeth that the above steps will, so if you value your pearly whites, get started eating a healthier diet today.”


The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene If You Want to Keep Your Teeth

“This video is the Bass Method of personal oral hygiene. While the look is not 21st century, the information contained is true. Dennis Roberts, DDS lived in Jackson Mississippi. One of the first of his generation to learn the truth in Dr. Bass’ theory, he taught far and wide how to clean and keep teeth healthy and disease free. This is the way Dr. Roberts taught thousands of patients to keep their mouth healthy.”



Fluoride: Poison On Tap 

Our church was a funding partner for this documentary so we were able to get early access to the film to show on the night.

“Water fluoridation has been hailed by the CDC as “one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.” However, the practice has been mired in controversy since it began over 70 years ago. Does water fluoridation actually prevent tooth decay, or have we been sold a lie?

Join producers Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple as they engage with world-renowned experts in exposing one of the biggest frauds the world has ever known. Together, they unravel the shocking secrets and deception of a corrupt industry that has been poisoning communities for generations. This surprising research creates a compelling case against the fluoridation of our water supplies, revealing long hidden health hazards, fraudulent findings, and corporate corruption. FLUORIDE: POISON ON TAP will inspire you to take action on a local and global scale before its too late!”




Systems That Can Remove Fluoride from Tap Water

From what I know, there is basically only two types of water filtration methods that can remove fluoride from tap water.

  1. Distillation and
  2. Reverse Osmosis.

And even then it is still not 100% effective. I believe reverse osmosis is something like 98% effective at removing fluoride.

I personally own a 5-stage undersink reverse osmosis water system with the 12L storage tank and have been pretty happy with it. The system was a bit of an investment up-front ($630) but the on-going cartridges are pretty cheap ($30 a set?). The convenience of filtering your own water sure beats buying huge bottles of water from the shops and having to lug them home. The membrane gets replaced every 3-4 years. Setting it up does take time but it isn’t complicated, same with replacing the different filter cartridges.

We bought ours from Psi Water Filters in Tasmania. There are obvious risks when dealing with a company that isn’t local if you do have issues. Shipping is included in the prices quoted on the website. I buy a lot of things online and have them delivered so it wasn’t really an issue for me but I can’t comment on the after sales support because I have not had any problems. Water filter systems are pretty simple things in my opinion.

I definitely recommend getting a system with a storage tank unless you plan on always keeping a dispenser filled up or don’t have any space to put it. Water filtered by reverse osmosis flows very slowly. The storage tank means it builds up over time and you get an initial volume of high pressure water from the tank. So if you’re filling up a bottle or glass every now and then it will be much faster to fill.


So What Can We Do About It?

Whilst we can discuss ways to protect yourself and your family from consuming poisonous fluoride ideally the solution is to convince your local population and government to no longer dump it into your water supply. I’m honestly not even sure where to start with something like this but maybe we can get behind existing organisations that are already on the forefront of the fight.

I did a quick search and found the Fluoride Action Network Australia Facebook Page and also this interesting clip that aired on Today Tonight in January 2010.

“The problem with adding medicine to water is an obvious one of consent, that people can’t give their informed consent, which is a basis of medical ethics.”

“Most european countries do not fluoridate; Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Portugal. There’s an overwhelming number of countries in the world that do not fluoridate, and guess what, their teeth are just as good, if not better, than ours.”



1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician or dentist and any information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose.

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