Soup Kitchen Sunday 19th July 2015

Today we set a new Sunday morning attendance record – 35 (including the unborn).

There were a few surprise visitors, which was a blessing, and we also had some close friends from Perth stopping through Sydney on their way to visit Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ.

We did Soup Kitchen Sunday a bit different this week with some of the ladies in our church each bringing along a pot of soup. This works out better because it means there are different types of soups to try and it’s much easier than Elizabeth having to cook the whole lot.

Juan brought along some new toys which kept the children entertained. We’re giving soccer a break for some time as it’s killing the grass =[. Then we gave all of them a milky way chocolate bar.

Kevin is starting a series of sermons on child-rearing and today the topic was – the importance of raising the next generation to serve the Lord. With a lot of young families in our church I think this will be a very profitable and timely series of sermons.


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