Social Futsal (Indoor Soccer) – Friday 24th June 2016 @ 7:00 PM



Up for a game of futsal? Then come and join us for a few social games at our local recreation centre in Riverwood. Just a chance for us to have some fun and exercise together. Any friends and family that want to join us are welcome.

I went to check out the courts and was pretty impressed. They have all-purpose flooring which is perfect for futsal. They also have scoreboards for each court that can be used. There’s plenty of parking at the centre and also a playground for the younger children to keep busy on whilst the adults are playing.

Here are some photos of the facilities:


Friday 24th June 2016 at 7:00 PM til 10:00 PM

We’ll start off with a 20min game for the young children, just so they get a chance to play on the court. Then we’ll have 20 minute games for the adults depending on how many people turn up.


F R E E !

Since this event won’t be very structured we’ll use church funds to pay for the court hire just to make things easier. If you want to contribute to the cost of the court you can do so by giving to the church as you normally would. No collections will be taken on the day.


YMCA Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre
150 Belmore Road
Riverwood NSW 2210



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